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Archimede is a French brand of aquafitness equipments, located in the northern France. It also sales products in order to facilitate the mobility of disabled people and produces equipments of rehabilitation.

Since 2007 it as provided aquatic centers all over the world, because of the development of the aquabiking and the aquafitness.

As a matter of fact, Archimède has a different models of aquabikes, treadmills, trampolines and jumping bars, for every different uses.

Archimede as also developed products to help handicapped persons as lifts, winches, hammocks, submersibles rolling chairs.

All of these products are designed in order to maintain the activities to disable people like riding, swimming, boating etc...

Archimede also helps children learning to swim. 

Archimede is working on the rehabilitation for women post-pregnancy, for example. It proposes a large range of several products like pool seats, floating shaft, pool chair  etc...

Archimede is working with physiotherapists to design all these equipments.
All the products of Archimede are certified with European norms, and presented with 3 years guaranty.

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