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Special bike for rehab

Archimede by JOINTEC Archimede by JOINTEC


The Aquabike suspended CLEM swimming pool hooks on the handrail and is supported on the wall of the pool to avoid placing the aquabike on the ground or for pools at great depths. If the pool is without a handrail , there is the possibility of installing a removable handrail .

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Due to its grip on the handrail, the Aquabike suspended CLEM pool bikes are space-saving, making it perfect for swimming pools that do not take up much floor space.


The adjustment of the saddle and handlebars of Aquabike CLEM can be done in the water.

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The pedaling resistance system is simple and progressive, depending on the speed. The flaps below the pedal act as a flywheel for fluid resistance.


Thanks to the reversible handlebars, people with back pain can practice their exercises comfortably.

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The Aquabike suspended swimming pool bike Clem is equipped by default with footbed, perfect for pedaling barefoot.

Footbed aquabike - p bike


A variant exists equipped with foot blocks for optimal fixation of the foot during pedaling or retro pedaling. For more comfort, use water aerobics.


Removable hanging handrail

When the pool does not have a support bar (handrail) Jointec H2D offers a specific accessory: a removable handrail bar to be fixed on the wall with 4 types of fixings possible depending on the edge of the pool.

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Height1.00 m
Width0.45 m
Length1.10 m
Weight37 lbs
MaterialMarine stainless steel
Anti corrosion protectionElectropolishing and sacrificial anode
CompatibilityCompatibility with the trapeze TPZ 03
Accessories includedAntirust
Guarantee3 Years

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Special bike for rehab

Special bike for rehab


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