What are the best anti-cellulite exercises?

You do not need to run 1 hour to be able to lose cellulite, the more you work your cardio, the more the hunger will arrive early and challenge your motivation.

We have the solution for you: Aquabike is a relaxing sport while remaining intensive. Aquabiking is ideal to lose weight, burn fat, eliminate cellulite and orange peel skin.


What are the exercises for cardiovascular problems? Can you exercise with a cardiovascular problem?

Contrary to what you can believe, people with cardiovascular problems or having been a victim of an accident, can practice a easy to moderate sport activity; it is even clearly recommended to practice one!

Aquabike is recommended for people with cardiovascular problems, it is recommended to do 20 to 30 minutes of exercises a day, one to three times a week. Before any sports activity, you should consult your doctor in order to find the best advice for your physical condition.


I have poor blood circulation which makes my legs heavy. What sport can I practice to reduce this problem?

If you are a person who likes water, do not hesitate. Aquabike is a water sport which has a formidable efficiency! As the exercises are practiced in water, it is soft to your joints and beneficial to your body’s fluids circulation. The movement of the water (trimming and massaging the legs, pedals) creates a natural drainage which facilitates the blood circulation. For the frequency of activity on the aquabike, it is advisable to do it once or twice a week at least.


I want to lose weight quickly but I do not want a sport that tires me too much. What sport would you advise me?

Do you know that a water bike course lasts at least 45 minutes? And do you know that after each session you lose 300 to 500 calories? or the equivalent of a double cheeseburger! The advantage of aquacycling is that the efforts you make, feel easier. In the water your body is lighter, yet your muscles work much more to repel the weight of the water! The effects are rapid because you don't feel like you're making efforts, and hence you make even more.


I have had a hip osteoarthritis. Today I have to re-educate. Is the Aquabike a suitable activity for this?

After consulting your doctor, he/she can prescribe a recommendation for an appointment with a physiotherapist who in his/her turn can advise you to do Aquabike. Please note that water sports are recommended for you, pedalling and swimming are ideal activities for your self-rehabilitation. For example the hip is mobilized without being compressed by the weight of the water and that of your body and in addition you strengthen your buttocks.

Practice at least 1-2 times a week for 30 minutes.


I am a man. I want to practice Aquabike however, I do not try because I think it is a sport for women or for the elderly.

Of course not, Aquabike (or Pool bike) is not a sport exclusively for women! More and more men are starting to practice Aquabiking. It is like bike spinning but with additional resistance through the water density. Additional exercises around and on the immerged bike, widens further the different muscle groups you want to exercise. The fact to do intensive sport without necessarily making intensive efforts attracts more and more people. It is up to you to throw yourself in the water without being embarrassed.


Hello, I wish to put myself to Aquabike, but the problem is that I do not see too much interest to stay on an aquatic bike and pedal for 45 minutes. Do you have any other exercises to propose to me?

Of course not, you do not stay on an Aquabike for 45 minutes only to pedal. I reassure you, there are different exercises for this sport; As for example the exercise behind the saddle: you have to put yourself behind the saddle by holding on to it with your hands and continue pedalling. You do not have to pedal like the exercise of the handlebars: you stand in front of the handlebars facing the Aquabike, you hold the handlebars with your hands, you bend your knees until you do not to touch the pool floor and you swing from left to right. You can do push-ups by gripping the saddle and handlebar and use the space between them.

You also have the possibility to use complementary material for muscle strengthening such as: elastics ropes, dumbbells, bars and even floating pool noodles.

The exercises depend on your aqua aerobics instructor or following our DVDs. And don't forget to hydrate yourself!


I want to do Aquabike, however when I did my research on the internet, I saw that there were a lot of Aquabikes. How can I find the aquabike I need?

First, you have to see the level you are aiming for: soft to moderate exercise, evolutionary or intensive. Then you would define the time to use your Aquabike i.e. occasional or regular user. If you do sessions every day, it is better to take a professional Aquabike, or if you perform sessions at least 3 times a week or less you will need a less evolved equipement.

Finally, to choose your Aquabike it must be adapted to your pool, as well as establish a budget for the purchase of your Aquabike (400 € to 600 € for a used one, 700 € to 2000 € for a new. Everything depends on of course the accessories you want)

You should know that the choice of your Aquabike also depends on the depth of your pool. it is better to have ¾ of your body submerged. The majority of our Aquabikes are adjustable ranging from 1.10 meters to 1.70 meters. It is advisable to take an adjustable Aquabike. You can modify the height of the pool floor supports in front and rear, the height of the handlebars and the saddle, the depth (horizontal space between the handlebars and the saddle) as well as the resistance of the bike, if you want to make more effort when you pedal.