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  • Optima pro | Professional Aquabike
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    Aqua Spinner Optima pro

    Optima pro is an aquabike with variable resistance convenient for all people. Recommanded for the aqua centers, this product is the leader of the market. Variable resistance with 4 adjustable pales and 2 polycarbonate flaps under the pedals, the Optima pro provides a minimum, a medium or a maximum resistance in the water.

    1 920,00 €
  • Armrest of swimming pool

    This product is designed to stabilize the equilibrium of the handicapped person in the pool and to facilitate the movment of his inferior members.

    590,00 €
  • Silver 6 | Professional Aquabike
    In stock, shipped within 48 hours
    Silver 6

    The aquabike Silver 6 is a sport model designed for sport men and women. Thanks to its high pedaling resistance (more 25% than the Optima Pro model) it will be the perfect tool for trained people. The bottle holder is offered with the bike !

    1 920,00 €
  • Trampoline

    This trampoline permits all rebounds in the air or in the swimming pool CALORIES COSUMPTION +++

    950,00 €
  • Removable suspension bar

    The removable handrail (MCA) accompanies you to exercise in the pool or to hang equipment for water sports and rehabilitation. Easy to install and to remove in order to adapt to your aquatic activities and well being in water.

    489,00 €
  • Slope to put down the bike in the swimming pool

    Double lateral rails permitting to descend the bike into the swimming pool where are the stairs (depth of the water 3ft 3in). Electropolished stainless steel RAMP in double inclined tracks allowing the pool bike to be easily rolled in and out of the pool. Design of ramps for other equipment apart from our ARCHIMEDE brand possible. Other dimensions for...

    1 790,00 €
  • Mano Pro

    It stimulates dynamicaly and synchronously all the muscular groups of the body : Upper and lower members, scapular and pelvic girdles, dorsal and abdominal muscles It is an aerobic sport and consum a lot of calories It reproduces the Nordic walking, at any speed, with all the benefits of the warm water.

    3 154,80 €
  • Mano Basic

    The Private Elliptical bike is a simple machine that offers the main advantages of the Nordic walking in the warm water. This elliptical bike stimulates all the muscular groups of the body. It's an aerobic sport. It permits to consume a lot of calories. The bottle holder is offered with the elliptical bike !

    2 760,00 €
  • Rehabilitation Treadmill

    Similar to the aquarunner with 2 lateral handbars assuming the senior of the convalescent person equilibrium.

    2 690,00 €

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