Circuit Training Aquatique

Circuit Training Aquatique

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  • Silver 6 | Professional Aquabike
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    Silver 6

    The aquabike SILVER 6 is the swimming bike of the great sportsmen thanks to the resistance of its 6 fixed buckets .This bike is ideal for the physical maintenance of people who like to play sports in the water, whether in a private swimming pool or aquabiking lessons in a aquafitness center or any aqua gym place . This aquabike can also be used in an...

    1 920,00 €
  • Aquatic elliptical cross trainer Mano basic

    The Mano Basic Elliptical Pool Trainer allows Nordic walking in the water with low resistance, perfect for restoring or keeping fit. The aquaelliptic can be integrated into an aquatraining circuit to complete the practice of aquafitness in an aqua gym class.

    2 160,00 €
  • Trampoline

    This trampoline permits all rebounds in the air or in the swimming pool CALORIES COSUMPTION +++

    972,00 €
  • Aquarunner Aquatic Treadmill

    The Aquarunner Aquatic Treadmill allows for sporty walking and stationary running in the water of a swimming pool that is almost weightless, with no jarring, joint shock or stress to strengthen or maintain the muscles from the belly to the feet.

    2 160,00 €
  • Multifaceted Aquatraining Gantry

    The Aquatic Multifunctional Gantry (or Multi-exercise ) allows aerobics gymnastics in the water, ideal for weight trainingand traction with a wide range of aqua-training exercises perfect to complete an aquagym or aquafitness session.

    1 920,00 €
  • Delta | Private Aquabike
    In stock, shipped within 48 hours

    The Aquabike DELTA bike is a pool bike   for private and family use. This sports apparatus is of great ease of use. Robust , stable and high quality manufacturing . Created for easy and intensive exercises in the pool. This Aquabike DELTA bike is part of theARCHIMEDE AQUAFITNESS range , designed and manufactured in France .

    1 150,00 €

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