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is a French trademark of aquafitness equipment made by JOINTEC, a company based in northern France. It manufactures and sells products that helps the mobility of the disabled people and equipment for rehabilitation.


Since 2007, it has supplied products to aquatic centers all over the world in order to satisfy the craze for aquabiking and aquafitness. Indeed, Archimede offers different types of aquabikes, treadmills, trampolines and jumping bars, for various uses.

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logo Archimède.png

helps handicapped persons in producing equipment as lifts, hammocks, submersible rolling chairs. All of these products are designed in order to let everyone achieve activities such as riding, swimming, boating, etc...

logo Archimède.png

Also helps people in rehab, children learning to swim, and women in post-pregnancy. It offers a large range of complementary products like pool seats, floating shaft, armrests for pools, etc...

logo Archimède.png

is a french manufacturer of aquafitness equipments, lifts for handicapped person in their various recreational areas (swimming pool, aquafit centers …) and miscellaneous devices for rehabilitation in water.

Its trademark is Archimede ®

it’s located in North East of France, next to Belgium and near Luxemburg.

Before Jointec... Kinetec

Its Research and Development department developped the original arthromotors for the continuous passive motion after surgery in the orthopedic and traumatologic specialties. His trademark was Kinetec

2007 ... Jointec

Designer and manufacturer of the aquatic fitness equipments (Archimede trademark)