Elliptical bike

Elliptical bike

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  • Pool Elliptical Trainer Mano Pro

    The Mano Pro is a French-made aquaelliptic bike , allowing a sporting practice similar to aquabiking, aquacycling andaquafitness while standing. It allows to reproduce in the water the walking and the Nordic race . Ideal for people with joint problems . It makes work the majority of the muscles of the body.

    2 640,00 €
  • Aquatic elliptical cross trainer Mano basic

    The Mano Basic Elliptical Pool Trainer allows Nordic walking in the water with low resistance, perfect for restoring or keeping fit. The aquaelliptic can be integrated into an aquatraining circuit to complete the practice of aquafitness in an aqua gym class.

    2 160,00 €
  • Slope to put down the bike in the swimming pool

    Double lateral rails permitting to descend the bike into the swimming pool where are the stairs (depth of the water 3ft 3in). Electropolished stainless steel RAMP in double inclined tracks allowing the pool bike to be easily rolled in and out of the pool. Design of ramps for other equipment apart from our ARCHIMEDE brand possible. Other dimensions for...

    1 440,00 €

Archimède presents you elliptical bikes: this Aquatic Self-powered Cross Trainer simulates climbing, walking, or running and mimics Nordic walking.

Thanks to these products you will make some efforts without knowing it, because it's very ludic.


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