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Multifaceted Aquatraining Gantry

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The Aquatic Multifunctional Gantry (or Multi-exercise ) allows aerobics gymnastics in the water, ideal for weight trainingand traction with a wide range of aqua-training exercises perfect to complete an aquagym or aquafitness session.

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The Multifunctional Aquatic Gantry allows the strengthening of the muscles, relaxes and relaxes the spinal column, fights against low back pain and retours the abdominal strap.

In the water, the body is almost weightless, which allows you to do exercises without feeling its weight, without shock, joint shock and stress.

Under the effect of suspension in warm water and movement, the paravertebral muscles (1) relax, the intervertebral conjugation holes (2) release the spinal roots (3): (L5-S1, L4-L5, L3-L4 ...); the inflammation that generates low back pain and sciatica regresses.

The Aquatic Multifunctional Gantry is ideal for weight training and traction with a wide range of aqua training exercises. These exercises work the shoulders, the back, the abdomen and the legs.

The seat is adjustable in height and foldable to have a flat surface when needed.

The handles are adjustable in two positions and adjustable in height.

The Aquatic Multifunctional Gantry is intended for both professionals and private.

It is easily transportable (thanks to its wheels), its storage is clever (in a small space) and it is fixed on the current hand or on the current Hand removable sold on this site.

SpecificationsRepliable et transportable
Height1.25 m
Width0.85 m
Weight40 lbs
MaterialMarine stainless steel
Anti corrosion protectionElectropolishing and sacrificial anode
CompatibilityCompatibility with the trapeze TPZ 03
Guarantee3 Years

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Multifaceted Aquatraining Gantry

Multifaceted Aquatraining Gantry